Values MATTER, because our future voters are absorbing every word they hear

A product of our publIc schools and

parent of 3 school age kids

SherrI supports school choice,

religious liberty and patriotism.

Experience that MATTERS!

Sherri Cox has overseen construction and managed budgets for medium to high density hotels and other big projects for decades

Deep Roots Mean Big Shoes to Fill!

The late Max Bruner, Jr. - called “Grandpa Max” by the Cox Crew - built many of the amazing facilities now in need of repair 

Always Worth the Fight!

To Sherri Cox, a fight’s only victory is in the benefit of those you’re fighting for, and our kids are 

ALWAYS worth her fight

More Important than a Hobby...

Our schools need real work and Sherri Cox knows that’s too big of a job to leave to someone without 

real business experience.

Relationships Matter!

Sherri Cox has supported local educational nonprofits since well before running for office. 

Let’s give kids more choices!